Facilties Leadership

What strategic value does your Facilities Management organisation bring to your University?

While most universities and colleges will say that their employees and students are most valuable resource; infrastructure (real estate and facilities), in fact, make up the most significant portion of institutional costs – asset wise. Thus, for the Facilities Management organisation, the key challenge is to build a functional bridge between the built and human environments that allow their institutions to operate at peak efficiency, garnering the best of both worlds without compromising the ability of University to meet stakeholder objectives. In this way, Facilities Management can contribute to a new world of competition in higher education by providing the physical infrastructure necessary that will continue win students, faculty and more importantly – funding. (more…)


Workplace Performance Management – Is it for you?

I’m taking a slightly different direction away for Higher Education this month into the corporate world, although you could argue that the philosophy behind Workplace Performance Management should be equally at home in the corridors of HE facilities management departments as in the offices of corporate real estate executives. (more…)

Did you get caught without your swimmers on?

The number one source of income for state and local governments was no longer sales tax, income tax, or property tax. It was the federal government’s $787 billion stimulus package!

Although most news reports emphasized that the stimulus was working, my reaction was more  of a, “Wow, that is simply NOT sustainable!”

The sudden nature, size, depth, and length of the recession of the past two years has hit the nation in such a way that virtually all of us have been profoundly affected. That is certainly true of higher education. Wage freezes and cuts, furloughs, buyouts, layoffs, reductions in retirement matching, curtailment of course offerings, and caps on student enrollment have become part of the higher education landscape.


IWMS and Higher Education Facilities Survey Trends

Just completed some extensive research on IWMS usage patterns in higher education. Very interesting information………..

Did you know that

  • There IS a statistical correlation between Carnegie classifcation, student population and the type of system purchased that can be quantified;
  • (more…)

A Green Building Doesn’t Mean Building Green

So your new building program has been approved. You are going to use that internationally recognized architect to design a GreenStar  certified facility which you are certain will get you a 6+ rating. Ah! The accolades, the bragging rights, the energy savings. Right? Maybe. (more…)

Facilities Leadership

At a recent event sponsored by APPA (formerly the Association of Physical Plant Administrators), members of the academic segment of the facilities management (FM) profession were asked to identify the major current and future challenges they face. The top six were:

  1. Improving accountability;
  2. Planning for workforce change;
  3. Integrating sustainability into total operations;
  4. Implementing total cost of ownership practices;
  5. Making facilities a strategic partner with leadership; and
  6. Leading change. (more…)

CalPoly Sustainability Competition Provokes Behavioral Change

CalPoly San Luis Obispo issued this Press Release today through the AASHE website. This is a fantastic example of what I often bring up in my webinars and presentations that speaks to the paradigm shift that is occurring in this generation – a behavioral change if you will.

Sustainability is being accepted as a cultural dynamic that is being instilled in this generation’s way of behavioral thinking and action. By this process, it will be passed on to the next generation and hopefully this will be seen as our generation’s legacy.

I have had the pleasure of being present at a number of Sustainability Conferences and have witnessed the change in student and faculty demographics over the years – from “treehuggers” to mainstream USA. The sustainability movement is no longer a “radicalized movement” but has become an accepted part of doing business. (more…)

Augmented Reality for Maintenance Operations?

Augmented Reality for Field Techs? A bit far fetched? Maybe not…….

The Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab at Columbia University has worked on two augmented reality systems for use in structural engineering and architectural applications. The first, called “Architectural Anatomy,” overlays a graphical representation of portions of the building’s structural systems over a user’s view of the room in which they are standing . A see-through head-mounted display provides the user with monocular augmented graphics and tracks the position and orientation of their head with an ultrasonic tracking system. The other augmented reality test bed system addresses space frame construction. The space frame is assembled one component (strut or node) at a time. For each step of construction, the augmented reality system: (more…)

Facilities Management at the brink – deconstructing the box.

I came across this excellent article from the RAND corporation which, although specific to the state of California, speaks to a problem that is current throughout most of Higher Education today. Our lack of forsesight in years gone by has cost us dearly and now we are paying for it in more ways than one. By extrapolation, one can see the Catch-22 situation Facilities Leaders will be in the coming decade – facing a huge balancing act of trying balace a budget (or what is left of it) with an aging facilities base, with an expection of delivering technologically advances services. (more…)

Augmented Reality on your Campus – coming soon

Right now I’m tracking two technologies that haven’t really penetrated the Higher Education world yet—but I’m convinced they will: 3D video and augmented reality (or AR, as it’s known among the digerati). Ignore them at your peril. This is the future and they will impact the way everyone on your campus interacts with each other, your infrastructure, your technology and your space – so get ready for change and get ready to lead it! (more…)

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