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IWMS and Higher Education Facilities Survey Trends


Just completed some extensive research on IWMS usage patterns in higher education. Very interesting information………..

Did you know that

  • There IS a statistical correlation between Carnegie classifcation, student population and the type of system purchased that can be quantified;
  • Baccalaureate and Associates institutions will typically purchase Point Solutions (55%) and higher end institutions buy Integrated solutions or build their own (or a combination of the both);
  • Higher end institutions buy over 77% of IWMS solutions and related technology yet represent only 50% of the market;
  • Masters, Doctoral and Research universities typical purchase more of the strategic tool sets than the operation tool sets;
  • Despite claims to the contrary, most institutions do not perform a pre and post ROI analysis to determine the effectiveness of their purchase.
  • FM technology generally over-delivers on expectations in the areas of Maintenance and Operations, Business Process Improvement and Project Management and under-delivers in areas on expectation in the areas of energy and sustainability.
  • The majority of institutions purchased Enterprise licences as opposed to User Licences.
  • Institutions who purchased some sort of FM technology saw some immediate improvement in internal, external and  cross campus communications which saved them identifiable costs. Less than 10% of respondents did not see an improvement in communications.

The above information is offered as is, and is based on actual data collected from over 1,000 respondents. No opinion has been offered and none will be offered in the blog pertaining to product, module, company, service or solution. This data is copyrighted. Please contact me for permission to reuse .Thanks……….

(c) 2010 Tony Stack

Tony is the Business Solution Manager for IBM Australia.

Note there is a 2012 update to this survey available


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